COCODO COIN (token CBO from COCODO BRANDO) has an ambitious and noble goal – the rescue of endangered parrots listed in the Red Book.
We strive to create a financial ecosystem that directly supports specialized funds and organizations dedicated to protecting these unique species.

Our project combines cryptocurrency technologies with a socially significant mission, providing each participant with the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of rare birds.


COCODO COIN (CBO) is a cryptocurrency designed to support environmental initiatives.

Our tokenomics are based on the following principles:
Total Token Supply


The total supply of CBO tokens is 228 billion
Token Distribution


Initial coin offering (ICO/IEO)


Reserve fund for parrot conservation and environmental initiatives


Project development and marketing


Team and advisors


Liquidity and partnership programs

Token Burning

First token burn
More and more investors are interested in projects aimed at addressing social and environmental issues.
Second token burn
When the token price reaches $1, an additional 10% of the total token supply will be burned.
After the second token burn, the team will relinquish administrative rights, transferring project management to the community.

Future Developments

We also plan to develop a game that will include NFT purchases and other features:

Environmental game

Development of a mobile and web game related to environmental themes and parrot conservation.

NFT integration

The game will integrate NFTs that players can buy, sell, and trade. These NFTs will represent rare parrots and other game elements.

Game economy

In-game purchases and mechanics will allow players to use CBO to acquire exclusive content and unique items.

Market Trends and Trends

  • 1

    Growing interest in socially responsible investments

    More and more investors are interested in projects that address social and environmental issues.
  • 2

    Popularity of NFTs

    Integrating NFTs into our game will attract the attention of gamers and collectors, increasing engagement and the project's popularity.
  • 3

    Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

    Transferring project management to the community after the second token burn aligns with the trend of creating DAOs, which will enhance trust and community participation.

COCODO COIN is not just a cryptocurrency but a complete ecosystem aimed at protecting nature and preserving unique parrot species. Join us to make the world a better place together!