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Manouk Mel

Conceptual Public Events
Who am i

Conceptual creating, providing & leading a powerful events and spaces for creative entrepreneurs.
Manouk was among the first who started creating conceptual public events with food fashion art and education.

After creating one of the most famous food fest in Aurora Festival St Peterburg team "О ДА! ЕДА!", he followed his vision and decided to create independent high and food fashion fest "Foodeiz" in Krasnaya Presnya Park Moscow with 20 000 people, which was huge success and was followed by series of music weekends in Moscow centre - "Foddeize Weekendы".

Today Manouk is conceptual leader of Chekhov #Api which is new type of interpretation of Russian classic providing exclusive experience for corporate weekends, events and other conscious escapes.

Api is the official partner of other conceptual venues such as Garage Museum and Moss Hotel creating unique events and experience from the scratch.

What can i do
  • Brainchild Creation
  • Mindset Formation
  • Executive Direction
  • Art Visioning
  • Ideology Supervising
  • Communication Strategizing
Московская обл., город Чехов,Научно-творческая резиденция Чехов #APi