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Dubai Real Estate Investments

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There are more than 10,000 lots in the Dubai real estate market for sale. We do a scale intellectual work to offer you only the two best.

"How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case."

— investment consultant Robert G. Allen

Examples of successful investment decisions

Save your time and nerves.
Just enjoy the rise of price of your property.
We will do the rest!

Start of construction - 2017

Completion of construction - 2021

Seven City
Starting price m2 - $2 000
Price m2 upon commissioning - $6 000
Investment term - 4 years
Profitability for 4 years - 300%

Average annual yield - 75%

Start of construction - 2019

Completion of construction - 2022

BeachFront Elie Saab

Starting price m2 - $5 500

Price m2 upon commissioning - $13 000

Investment term - 3 years

Profitability for 3 years - 237%

Average annual yield - 79%

Start of construction - 2015

Completion of construction - 2019

Starting price m2 - $1 500
Price m2 upon commissioning - $6 000
Investment term - 4 years
Profitability for 4 years - 400%

Average annual yield - 100%


Your investment profit is our responsibility


  • Pure and simple
    We do not offer any "slag" as in other places. Only the best lots verified by our analysts.
  • No pitfalls
    Each position has a high investment potential.
  • Clearly and to the point
    Our team support an investor at all stages of buying and selling real estate, protecting his interests, and finally guarantees high-yield exit from the deal.

Our clients with love about us

Maria K.
Michelangelo Estate Agency was advised to my husband by a familiar realtor from our city. We made a call at first. Then they offered us 3 projects. We flew to Dubai, choose the best one and signed the contract. My husband and I were satisfied with the work of the agency. They choose cool apartments: "It brings us money and we are able to rest there!"

I recommend Michelangelo Estate to everyone!!!!!
David Sh.
I decided to make money on real estate in Dubai. I contacted the Michelangelo Estate where I resolved my issue promptly and at the highest level. Agency manager Katya selected a great lot. It has increased in price by 15% in 3 months and will continue to grow even more. I recommend this agency definitely!
Karina V.
My parents decided to present me a small studio in Dubai. “While you are studying, your real estate will grow in value. When you finish your studying, you will be able to sell the studio, and to buy a big apartment in our city!” - my dad said. As I hear the feedback from the parents, they are very pleased with the result. Especially my mother is delighted with the approach of the brokers from the Michelangelo Estate. And dad just rubs his hands with pleasure))))
Sergei K.
I am a skeptic. I'm always looking for a trap in the work of real estate agencies. But the guys from Michelangelo amazed me. Firstly, minimum time spent for talks. Secondly, they called me once and asked in details about my preferences. They sent me two options. The most interesting was after. I double-checked their offers with different experts and all of them confirmed in one voice that these were the best lots. Bottom line: I bought an apartment and am satisfied. I recommend guys absolutely!
Boris L.
Buying a property is exciting and challenging. Especially outside of your own country. You do not know many nuances, laws and other "pitfalls". We are delighted to have worked with Michelangelo Estate.

The work was clear, and the result exceeded all our expectations. Would we recommend Michelangelo Estate? Without a doubt YES!
Azamat K.
Thank you guys from Michelangelo Estate! I was planning only to invest in real estate but eventually moved my business and family to Dubai. Apartments and infrastructure is perfect!! I highly recommend the Michelangelo Estate agency.

They will help you to find cool housing and tell you how to transfer the business.
Alex S.
My wife and I have been looking for real estate in Dubai for a long time. We wanted to invest and make good money on it. Our purchase budget was $400,000 and we wanted to do it remotely. We started negotiations with many agencies, but finally we decided to deal with Michelangelo Estate. Why? The answer is obvious:
  • They offer only the best lots, no slag.
  • They defend interests of the client during the deal (there were several options for a choice).
  • They organized the purchase of real estate remotely.
  • They guaranteed (as far as it is possible) price growth during the year at least at 20%.
A year and two months later, the apartment was sold. Our net profit was 32%. We got an excellent result. We invested in Dubai real estate again basing on the advice of Michelangelo Estate, but for a slightly longer period. We are expecting 30-35% annual yield in the region! I definitely recommend the Michelangelo Estate.
Jessica S.
Hello! I will be brief. When you don’t understand investment at all, you need a guide in this complex world of finance. Thanks to Michelangelo Estate, everything turned out to be I-D-E-A-L! Thanks a lot! I recommend Michelangelo Estate to everyone.
Milana O.
My husband is an entrepreneur. And he is very limited in time. Therefore, the search and purchase of real estate was my job to do. The task was to buy an apartment in Dubai where we could rest for one month of a year and lease it for the remain period. Thanks to Mark from Michelangelo Estate, I solved the problem in the most efficient way. Mark phoned me and offered not to play cat and mouse and to work in team. He asked me questions. Clarified some points. Asked about key preferences. The result was 3 offers, and one was better than the other. But It was easy to choose because Mark recommended specific apartments which in his opinion could be rented much more profitable than the others. I trusted him and didn't fail. Husband is happy! I am pleased that my husband highly appreciated my choice. In short, I highly recommend Michelangelo Estate to everyone!

Investors review from all over the world about US

Hot deals

The best investment opportunity in the Dubai real estate market!

One Za’abeel

The building was included in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most complex structures in the world. The two towers merge at a height of 100m above the ground with a special panel called "The Link".

It has a crazy investment potential!

Dubai Creek Harbour

The new center of Dubai. Breathtaking views, bay, infrastructure and life in the center.

Creek Tower promises to break Burj Khalifa's record!

The hottest expectation of 2022!


The predicted increase of the price for the first year is about 50%!

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