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winter 2017
Photo Director
Graphic Designer
Art Director

Shooting on Mon Bon site


White color is the basis of any successful site. All items acquire a touch of premium and unobtrusiveness. Reflection best suits for close-ups and creates a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.
Each shooting is a reflection of the work of a whole team of professionals. Each detail in the frame is selected in accordance with the general concept of the brand and the features of a single subject of the survey.

The basis of all projects is an art direction, coupled with the main trend of the present - food. Consumerism (from the English. "Consumer" - the consumer), as a fashionable trend, has already become almost a religion. His followers are divided only by preferences in brands, which, in turn, are already carrying their message to a global audience and are gaining more and more of those who are "on the hype" in their ranks.

If a brand wants to bring its product to the audience, then it must be in trend. The analysis of world trends in fashion, design and art is a feature of the work of the COCODO BRANDO team. Being in the subject is already hype.
All deserts are made from natural ingredients and each taste is unique and different from the rest, which is displayed in each frame.
cocodo brando
Fantasy has no limitations. All you need is to start.
COCODO BRANDO - professional site shooting with taste and atmosphere
Photographs by COCODO BRANDO / cocodobrando.com
All images courtesy of author